A story of success

We supply high-quality food raw materials and soy products to renowned food companies worldwide. Wholesale bakeries, large bakeries, the confectionary industry, baking agent producers and spice producers value the NON-GMO products of EUROSOY.

EUROSOY is a 100% subsidiary ofSOJA AUSTRIA and is specialised on the supply of food raw materials and soy protein products. SOJA AUSTRIA is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of high-quality whole soy products. Please visit the website www.soja.at for more information on SOJA AUSTRIA.


The recent history of EUROSOY is a story of success. The long-standing experience of the founders Carlo Tielker and Tilman Graf (both formerly with Lucas Meyer) combined with the extensive know-how in marketing and sales of soy products as well as an international network represent the „foundation“.

2000 The company PROVEGA, based in Kuddewörde, is established. With a small office, the business starts up as an exclusive distribution partner for SOJA AUSTRIA on the German market.

2006 Foundation of EUROSOY GmbH, still based in Kuddewörde. EUROSOY takes over the company PROVEGA and broadens the product range. Various special soy products for the food industry are distributed.

2010 Complete takeover of EUROSOY by SOJA AUSTRIA. For strategic reasons the company headquarters is moved to Hamburg. The former founders withdraw from the active business and a new management takes over.

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