Soy protein isolates and soy protein concentrates from NON-GMO soybeans


Soy lecithin products for baked goods made from NON-GMO soybeans



Vegetable proteins and protein isolates of GMO-free origin

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Every product is only as good as the sum of its ingredients. EUROSOY products give you the security of knowing that you are processing high-quality ingredients that continuously meet your requirements, also in terms of price stability and delivery flexibility. Our products are the basis for your high-quality food in the areas of dairy and meat alternatives, meat and bakery products, beverages, confectionery and chocolate bars, protein foods, delicatessen, spice mixtures and many more.

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What is fava bean protein isolate?

What is fava bean protein isolate?

Fava bean protein isolate is a plant-based protein source that is derived from the fava bean, also known as the broad bean. It is a high-quality protein that is comparable to animal-based proteins in terms of its amino acid...

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The plant protein market until 2025

The plant protein market until 2025

The plant protein market is a rapidly growing industry, driven by a growing global population, an increase in health consciousness, and a desire for sustainable protein sources. The market is expected to continue its strong...

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Pumpkin Seed Protein as Super Food

Pumpkin Seed Protein as Super Food

Our pumpkin seed protein has got positive effect on body and soul, due to its healthy composition. Pumpkin seed protein offers 60% protein and about 19% of BCAA in premium quality. Pumpkin seed protein is rich in fibers,...

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