According to a global study conducted by Mintel, the five most innovative countries for plant based food are in Europe: UK (24%), Portugal (21,5%), Netherlands (19,1%), Germany (18,7%) and Austria (16,9%).

Although e.g. one out of five new product placement are vegan in Germany, only about 1,2% of all consumers would consider themselves to eat vegan. This certainly has some consequences for marketing, positioning and presentation of according products. It appears to be the aim of many companies to place value adding products and present them to a broad public, mainly flexitarian (consumers who chose and consume meat as well as plant based main components in their food).

It appears to be equally important to communicate unbiased in regards to meat consumption and to underline positive aspects, such as plant origin, health or ethical benefits of according products, instead of creating an antagonims to non-vegans.

Such launched products are found especially in Denmark (7,5%), Chile (7,1%), New Zeeland (6,4%), Portugal (6,4%) and Netherlands (5,5). In Germany, the share of food labeled as „plant-based“ is only at 3,1%.

Credit: Pixabay