Many meat and fish lovers are not yet ready to replace their according favourites with plant alternatives. Still, many wish to eat and consume in a more healthy any sustainable manner; without compromising on taste.

Here, hybrid products come into play and offer a great alternative as they combine texture and taste with positive health benefits. Hybrid meat and fish products contain plant proteins as well meat and fish components. They help to conserve resources and the environment and offer the clear benefit to contain less cholesterol and unhealthy saturated fats in comparison to traditional products. Simutaneously, they are rich in proteins and fibers.

Hence, hybrid products offer a superb choice to flexitarian in today’s dynamic and innovative food product development.

EUROSOY offers excellent products – especially out of the ranges VEGACON 90 (soy protein isolates), VARIOPLANT PP (pea proteins), which are very well suitable for the development of hybrid products.