The trends in 2021 mainly followed those of 2020:

1. New plant and cultivated meat and fish products

Since 2019, vast variety of new products and innovations was presented to the market. Starting with breakfast items to bacon and „sea food“ based on plant proteins – alternatives today are much more than burgers. The widening of the product portfolio will surely continue as demand is growing and new actors are established and will bring new stimulus to the industry.

Especially the offer of plant based alternative to sea food will increase drastically; a trend which is underlined by extensive investments in this field.

2. Improved flavours and new ingredients

Ingredients are increasingly used more efficiently and may offer more fitting and tasty flavours. Processes to gain proteins from their raw materials are improving and the integration of Umami flavours may lift the sensoric experience of plant based food onto a new level.

3. Increasing consumer demand

The market for plant proteins is growing steadily and will account for the majority of growth and innovation of the industry. New players and large industrial partnerships have brought plant proteins to more consumers than ever before and will improve the accessibility of products even further in the future.

An increasing accessbility of products improves the perception of consumers regarding plant based products. According to research, a familiarity with plant based food is in turn the main parameter in the buying process.

As research also suggests, taste seems to be the main driver for the purchase and consumption of food.

4. Increasing investment in private sector

The positive market development of plant based food offers great opportunities for companies and investors alike. Alternative proteins are mainstrain and hence an attractive are of investment.

New production methods like 3D printing, the increased usage of microbiological fermentation as well as the broadening application of cultivated meat products are developments which might attract even more investor capital in the future.

5. Increasing demand for public funding

Governmental funding remains necessary in order to open up our food system to new possibilities and innovation in food. Therefore, a stronger financial support will strengthen the development for a more healthy and sustainable food system.

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Credit: Pixabay