The world population is growing and with it the demand for food. While in 2018 there were around 7.6 billion people, the 10 billion mark is expected to be passed as early as 2050. This is accompanied by the Herculean task of feeding everyone. A rethink and a transformation of agriculture is not yet in sight: About half of the world’s harvest goes to animal husbandry – to approximately 1.4 billion cattle, 1 billion pigs, 20 billion chickens and 1.9 billion sheep, goats and lambs.

A lot of vegetable feed for a kilogram of meat

It takes about 7 kg of grain (dry weight) to produce 1 kg of beef (live weight), about 4 kg of grain for 1 kg of pork, about 2 kg of grain for 1 kg of poultry. Seen globally, 44% of today’s harvest would be sufficient to feed the entire world population if the plants were consumed directly.

For these and other reasons, the share of vegan food alternatives will grow strongly and, according to a study by Kearney, will already account for 18% of the meat market in 2030.

EUROSOY sells first-class vegetable proteins, which are essential for the production of meat alternatives as a source of protein. At the same time, the portfolio also offers the best functionality for use in conventional meat products.

(Source: Kearney: When consumers go vegan, how much meat will be left on the table for agribusiness?)