Forecasts predict, European market for plant proteins will grow up to 2,6 billion Euros until 2024

Main driving indicators for this growth are an increasingly flexitarian, vegatarian and vegan diet, comparative cost benefits versus animal proteins and a broad and widening application of these products in the European food industry.

Plant-based proteins do offer a well balanced control of costs, improved profitability to the food industry and are easily applied into a wide range of applications, such as bakery, sweets, meat and dairy alternatives, functional beverages as well as breakfast cereals. Beside soy, other protein sources are gaining importance, e.g. pea, rice, fava bean, mung bean or sunflower.

Apart from a complete profile of amino acids, plant based products do also offer a balanced content of micronutrients, such as folate, iron, zinc and calcium. The French market is leading the field in terms of growth.

As a first class supplier to the European food industry, EUROSOY is offering its VARIOPLANT range, beside its classic range of soy proteins, a whole selection of high quality plant proteins, e.g. made of pea or mung bean, for all possible applications in the food arena.