Soy-based protein bars are not only popular with athletes. Soy protein is naturally lactose-free and free of any animal ingredients. It is therefore also highly appreciated by vegetarians and vegans.

High biological value and many amino acids

What makes soy protein so valuable, healthy and especially interesting for athletes: In contrast to other vegetable proteins, it has a very high biological value. This is the measure of how well a food protein can be converted to the body’s own protein. With a value of 80 (starting from the reference value of 100 in chicken protein), soy protein is on a par with beef. It also contains all nine essential amino acids, the protein building blocks that the body cannot produce itself. The amino acid L-glutamine is also abundant in soy protein and helps athletes to stay fit and efficient even under heavy physical strain. Soy protein is therefore found in many protein-containing food supplements (multi-component protein supplements).

Soy is generally a supplier of particularly health-promoting ingredients. It has a positive influence on heart health and has a favorable effect on blood lipid values and cholesterol levels. From studies it is well-known that the continuous intake of soy protein can lower the risk of cancer.

EUROSOY offers the following soy proteins:

  • the soy protein concentrate VEGACON 70
  • the soy protein isolate VEGACON 90
    As usual with protein, this high-quality protein isolate offers the highest protein and lowest fat content.